The Nova Scotia CLRA

The Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association has one key purpose – to strengthen the position of trade contractors and general contractors in all negotiations and labour relations with the building trades unions in Nova Scotia. Every member of NSCLRA has access to our labour relations staff who can provide professional assistance on any difficulty or problem relating to the interpretation and application of NSCLRA’s collective agreements.

NSCLRA is composed of its member companies and a small permanent staff. NSCLRA is entirely funded by employer contributions and is controlled by its

employer members. By presenting the unions with a common front of employers, NSCLRA goes a long way to rectifying the traditional imbalance of power between unified unions and independent contractors.

Moreover, by establishing a uniform contract to apply to all employers, no individual company is given unfair advantage or conversely, any disadvantage vis a vis other employers. All contractors stand on an equal footing with the unions and all work under the same terms and conditions. 


As all employer members of NSCLRA bound to any given contract have an opportunity for input into negotiation and ratification of any proposed changes to the collective agreements, all member companies have the opportunity to put forward their concerns and priorities. Membership with NSCLRA provides the contractor with an avenue for direct and effective input into contract negotiation and guarantees a vote in deciding whether any given contract proposal is to be accepted or rejected.

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